Current Share Price of Yes Bank: Share Value of Yes Bank increased by 10%!

Current Share Price of Yes Bank

Yes Bank’s Share Value is witnessing the biggest increase ever, and there is a story behind it! On Thursday, the share price touched a high of nearly 10% after the bank clarified the deal it had signed with a startup. The bank clarified that the agreement is still in its initial stage and it will not have any major impact on the business and revenues of the bank.

This morning, it is a matter of great joy when the share price of Yes Bank opened at ₹31.18 per share on BSE! The share price rose as high as ₹32.74 and fell as low as ₹28.87 intraday.

Current Share Price of Yes Bank

Current Share Price of Yes BankThe bank said through a filing to BSE that the news of their partnership with startup LeRemitt is part of their regular business, which aims to provide digital solutions to their MSME customers. And yes, the bank also clarified that there have been no significant incidents at this time which should be reported.

“We will continue to report anything that must be reported to the stock exchange. This article has no material impact on the bank,” the bank said in the filing.

Current Share Price of Yes Bank 8 feb 2024
Current Share Price of Yes Bank 8 feb 2024
The Economic Times website published an article stating that Yes Bank and fintech startup LeRemitt have jointly launched a cross-border platform, which means MSMEs can now conduct international transactions in currencies like US dollars and euros. Will be able to.

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Rajesh Bhosale, equity technical and derivatives analyst at Angel One, said that Yes Bank stock has gained more than 32% this week and is expected to do well in the coming few weeks as well. But in the short term, the indicators are a bit bullish, so traders will pay attention to this week’s rally and in case of any downside, a possible pullback. 28 is support, while 34 is resistance.

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This week, the share price of Yes Bank is being watched closely, as the bank has received a notification from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on February 5, 2024, which states that RBI has approved Hyderabad Bank Limited. Approval has been given to acquire up to 9.50% of the acquired share of the bank.

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