Multibagger Shares: Money doubles in 25 days… Six shares did this miracle, see the complete list here

Multibagger Shares: You must have seen the Bollywood film Hera Pheri. In this film of Akshay Kumar, he lures people to double their money in 25 days, but the lions of the stock market have proved this to be true and in 25 days This has been proved right by giving more than 100% return on investors’ money. Yes, we are talking about some companies in the last few days which have made their shareholders rich by giving 140% return.
The market cap of these companies is more than Rs 50 crore. All these companies are small cap companies, yet they have made a mark in the stock market by giving tremendous returns.

Real E-Governance & IT Solution (Multibagger Shares)

Shares of Vakrangee’s subsidiary VL e-Governance and IT Solutions rose by 144 percent in 25 days and this company provides governance and IT solution services. This small cap company holds more than 6 percent stake in LIC. Only a month ago, it was separated from the parent company Vakrangee. The company is looking for an average person to provide its services in the business of semiconductor design and engineering.

Oriental Rail Infrastructure (Multibagger Shares)

Multibagger Small Cap Oriental Rail Infrastructure has also seen a growth of 140% in the last 25 days. It has given three times returns in the last 1 year. Veteran investor Mukul Mahavir Aggarwal had bought 34 lakh shares in this Mumbai based company. 5.12% in his company. This company’s services provide products like seats and lavatory doors for Indian Railways.

Artemis Electricals and Projects (Multibagger Shares)

Artemis Electricals and Projects Navy has made a significant lead in the market by giving 144% return in 25 days. This company deals in LED lights and related products.

Inox Green Energy Services (Multibagger Shares)

Inox Green Energy Services: When this company came into the market in 2022 and issued its first share at Rs 65, initially its rate had fallen by 7% and it was listed at ₹ 6050 paise in the last 1 year. This stock gained more than three times and took a lead in the market by giving 125% returns in 25 days between November 30 and January.

Essar Shipping (Multibagger Shares)

Essar Shipping is the company with the lowest market cap. It is a small cap company of just Rs 700 crore and it has also made its investors rich with 130% return in 25 days.

PC Jewelers (Multibagger Shares)

Shares of Delhi-based company PC Jewelers have given 101 percent return in 25 trading days. Last year, SBI and other banks had filed a petition to initiate corporate insolvency resolution against this company. The company’s domestic turnover in the second quarter was Rs 33 crore which was Rs 836 crore in the same quarter last year.

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