amusement parks in california

The Legoland California Resort opened in 1999 as an aquarium. Which is a theme park. It is located in Carlsbad, California.

Disney California Adventure Park is operated by The Walt Disney Company. This is an adventure theme park spread over 72 acres.

Disneyland is a Disneyland Resort theme park that opened on July 17, 1955. Which is operated under the supervision of Walt Disney Company.

Belmont Park is a seaside historic recreational park located in Mission Beach, California.

Adventure City is an amusement park in the United States. which is in 2 acres

An Instant Drop Tower dark ride at Disney California Adventure park Which looks quite attractive.

Rivine Water Park was opened in June 2007. This water park is a wonderful contribution to the Paso Robles community and the Central Coast.

Aqua adventure water park This park is located in Fremont Central Park. The original name of this park is Waterworld USA. Which is the largest water park in California.

Seaworld San Diego Park located in America is operated to enjoy marine creatures.