What Is Trading? What is trading? How many types of trading are there

What Is Trading?

what is trading
what is trading

types of trading (ट्रेडिंग के प्रकार)

इंट्राडे ट्रेडिंग Intraday Trading

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The buying and selling of shares within a single day from the opening of the stock market to its closing is called ‘intraday trading’. In this, the trader buys and sells shares between 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM and earns profits.

Intraday trading involves traders who buy shares after the market opens (9:15 am) and sell them before the market closes (3:30 pm). This type of trading is called ‘intraday trading’.

स्कैल्पिंग ट्रेडिंग Scalping Trading

Scalping trading also takes place between the opening and closing of the stock market, but trading takes place in a few seconds or minutes. This trading is where traders buy and sell shares for a short period of time.

For example, profit is earned by buying a share at 9:15 AM and selling it at 10:00 AM. Such traders are called ‘scalpers’. This type of trading is considered the most risky.

स्विंग ट्रेडिंग Swing Trading

This trading happens for a few days or weeks and buying and selling of shares is done between the opening and closing of the stock market.

In this, the trader does not need to look at the charts the whole day and it can also benefit those people who cannot devote the whole day to trading, such as working people, students etc.

In this, traders buy shares in the stock market at a low price and then hold them, and later when the price of the shares increases, they earn profits by selling them. In this, traders buy shares for a week or two.

Positional Trading

Positional Trading is less risky than all other trading and in this the shares are held for a long time. This trading is long term and traders buy and hold shares for a few months to 1 year, then sell them for their profits. In this, the daily fluctuations of the stock market do not have much impact.

Arbitrage Trading
Arbitrage trading takes advantage of price differences in two or more markets or exchanges. This trading is for major trading firms, as it does not require a lot of analysis, but requires more network speed.

what is trading
what is trading

What Is Trading?

Various differences between trading and investing
Those who trade are called traders, while those who invest are called investors.
Knowledge of technical analysis is necessary in trading, whereas knowledge of fundamental analysis is necessary in investment.
In Trading, shares are bought for short term, whereas in Investment, shares are bought for long term.
In trading the short term period is up to 1 year, whereas in investment the period is more than 1 year.
How to learn trading
A widespread misconception about the stock market is that it is a losing proposition. Once you enter, there is no way you can get out after stepping on it and blowing all your money.

What Is Trading?

Yes, it is true that you may suffer loss in the stock market, but it will be because of you, having less knowledge about the stock market, and not because of the stock market.

To become a successful investor, you must learn different ways to trade the market. As the market has evolved and continues to evolve, traditional methods of stock trading are no longer in play.

Below are the ten best methods you should consider to learn stock trading and become the master of your own destiny.”

What Is Trading?

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